Day: May 30, 2020

Have you ever stopped to think about which is the best CBD product for you? There are many ways in which we can consume this natural element. The best way to decide which one is right for you is to know its formats and functions.

CBD tinctures and oils

CBD oil consists of oils infused with the cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from industrial hemp. It is probably the most common way of consuming CBD. There are a large number of CBD products to choose from.

  • How is it taken?

CBD oils are generally taken sublingually, that is, a few drops are placed under the tongue and the liquid is held for approximately 90 seconds before swallowing. With this method, CBD enters the bloodstream quite quickly, so you reap the benefits of CBD soon after taking it.

CBD capsules

One of the most popular CBD products is CBD capsules. They consist of a traditional pharmaceutical capsule filled with liquid. That liquid is nothing more than CBD oil in a pill for convenience.

  • How are they taken?

Like any pill, CBD capsules are taken with a glass of water.

  • Who can take CBD capsules?

As with the oil, the capsules can be taken by anyone. They are very easy to manage and fully accessible.

Although if you have been in the CBD world for a while the capsules may be the most appropriate when looking like traditional medicine, making them a more attractive product for older people as they are already familiar with the format.

CBD vaping liquids

Vapers have increased in popularity with the fad of smoking cessation. By smoking cigarettes, the combustion process creates toxic and carcinogenic chemicals that are very harmful to health. But since many people want to keep getting nicotine without the risks of smoking, the vaper

  • Who can use the CBD liquid to vape?

Although vaping is not complicated at all, it is surely not the preferred option for everyone.

People who already use a vaper will probably prefer this method of consuming CBD because they already have the necessary objects and knowledge.

CBD Topical Lotions

With the rise of the cannabidiol industry, companies are getting more creative with CBD products. Now you can buy CBD lotions and balms that you can apply directly to the skin.

  • Who can use lotions with CBD?

Anyone who cares a little about their appearance.

CBD is beginning to make its way into the health and beauty market, so it is now possible to invest in various CBD products such as lotions and balms that you can include in your skincare routine.

If you want to start with CBD and you like cosmetics and beauty products, this may be the best option for you.

CBD groceries

Food is a very attractive way to consume CBD. Who would not like to combine a delicious dish with the benefits of CBD? You can buy many CBD products online, but you can also make some at home and that is why it seems like a fantastic option.

  • Who can take food with CBD?

It is a great option for everyone, because who does not like to eat? In addition, with the variety of recipes that are prepared with CBD, there are surely some that you love.

As we have already mentioned, you can make your own dishes with CBD, so if you are good at cooking this may be a good option for you, see how you van get the best CBD products:

There is a lot of information on the internet circulating about the use of CBD to fight coronavirus. There is still nothing that has been scientifically confirmed but a new study sheds light on this topic.

Canadian scientists have brought new information to light: They defend that the medicinal plant could fight the coronavirus.

These results are part of an investigation into the use of cannabis to treat cancer and Crohn’s disease.


In the endless search for a vaccine or treatment to control this new epidemic, researchers rely on traditional and non-traditional medicine.

Nothing is left out, different drugs have even been examined, such as Remedy Sivir, which was originally developed to treat Ebola.

As we mentioned above, in Canada a report has been released that explains that certain active ingredients in the psychoactive drug cannabis could increase the resistance of cells against the coronavirus.

If what was studied in the study is true, cannabis could act similarly to nicotine. Click here to check how to vape CBD oil.

However, the study has not yet been reviewed or endorsed by other researchers. So everything is still up in the air.

The results on the study of cannabis and COVID-19 come from previous studies on arthritis, Crohn’s disease, cancer and other diseases.

CBD blocks virus access

The researchers argue that some substances in cannabis may reduce the virus’s ability to enter lung cells, where it sits, reproduces, and then spreads.

The article has been published on and it is written that specially developed and properly developed strains of cannabis effectively prevent the virus from entering the body.

Can cannabis and CBD affect coronavirus?

The coronavirus needs a “receptor” to enter a cell.

This receptor is known as ACE2 (Angiotensin II Converting Enzyme), which is found in lung tissue, in the mucosa of the mouth and nose, in the kidneys, in the testicles and in the gastrointestinal tract.

According to the theory of the Canadian scientists, the fact that cannabinoids alter the “access” due to the absence of ACE2 could occur.

The host would then be less susceptible and vulnerable to the virus.

In other words: if ACE2 is not in the tissue, the virus cannot enter it.

Not all cannabis plants would work

Various doctors praise medicinal cannabis for the treatment of various diseases: from nausea to dementia. However, this is not the same one that can be planted in the garden, at home. Learn more about cannabis extract.

These strains are normally known for their content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in the drug.

Canadian scientists’ research has focused in varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant that have high levels of the anti-inflammatory cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD).

Check with your doctor

Don’t trust yet the miraculous information on the internet about cbd and coronavirus.

If you suspect that you are infected, do not self-medicate and contact your nearest health center. The new COVID-19 is one of the most infectious diseases in recent times.

There is still a long way to go, but without a doubt the results with CBD are positive and bring hope in a world that is going crazy.